Custom OEM Bands

TinoBand can provide custom OEM apple watch bands that perfectly fits your client needs, uses, styles and complies with all required standards and regulations.

Design to

Your Specific Brand

At TinoBand we understand that it is not just what the watch band is fashionable of, but also what we as the supplier are capable of, that partners are interested in when sourcing material and developing unique apple watch band for their brand.

Our Advantages:

Get best recommendations for materials and structure for optimal long last and visual appeal.

Custom dielines engineered for high efficiency without breaking the bank.

Make informed decisions with accurate 3D visual representations of watch bands

Material & Production Capabilites


Nylon is one of the best materials for watch straps, especially during the warmer times of the year. This is because nylon straps have qualities such as durability, practicality, comfort, water resistance, and breathability. Nylon bands are easy to clean and dry quickly when wet.


Leather is a very durable natural material. Not only is it a high-quality material, but it’s also environmentally friendly. OurLeather apple watch bands are flexible, long-lasting and worry-free. The leather strap is both casual and formal, which means it can be used with any outfit.


The bead material is unique. Even though it is very hard, it is very difficult to scratch and is guaranteed to look new even after many years. Not only beaded apple watch bands look stylish, but they also offer the flexibility to customize them in a variety of materials and colors.


If you are looking for another, more formal and durable strap, a metal strap is the way to go. Metal straps of any type always seem to maintain a stylish style and will not break under any conditions. Metal represents toughness, but the look can be changed to find the material that works best for you.

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Standards & Qualifications

As a world class oem watch band manufacturing facility, we have earned our reputation through ensuring all our oem watch band are vigorously tested to ensure that only the products of the very highest quality and reliability reach the marketplace.

Our Advantages:

Highly Skilled Craftsmanship

We have more than 600 handpicked teams that have more than 10 years of experience in the watch band processing industry.

Great Raw Material Partners

TinoBand has an extensive range of materials to create an efficient watch band solution that meets your expectations.

100% Quality Control for Every Piece

Our experts guarantee that our apple watch band undergoes 100% quality inspection to identify defects and ensure consistent product quality.