Design Process

We kick-off each customized apple watch band project with a professional and meticulous characterization process, ensuring a perfect fit for the needs, uses, and market trend in compliance with all required styles, During this step we will review.

Strategic watch band consultation

Get best recommendations for materials and structure for optimal long last and visual appeal.

Strategic structural design to help reduce material costs and improve freight utilization

High-impact focused solutions without compromising structural integrity and aesthetics

Product focused considerations to ensure fashionable and easy user function for your customers

Professional design & engineering

Make informed decisions with accurate 3D visual representations of watch bands.

Custom dielines engineered for high efficiency without breaking the bank.

Professionally display products for impactful first impressions and unboxing experiences

Watch band testing and validation

Best material application for various fashionable styles (Boho, Lulu, Wrap Stack)

Private label beautifully using only the finest laser engraved state of the art equipment.

Validation tests to ensure your products have maximum value to meet price expectations